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 Shcherban Case Physically Does Not Exist, Declares Opposition

General Prosecutor's Office delay with the issuance of the materials of Shcherban case to defense attorney and Yulia Tymoshenko leads to thinking that this case does not physically exist.

This is declared in a statement of Batkivschyna party.

"It has been almost two weeks since Prosecutor General Pshonka announced the completion of the investigation and the presentation of suspicion of a crime to Yulia Tymoshenko. However, during this time the defense attorneys and the opposition leader have not been able to get the materials of the case, despite the fact that Yulia Tymoshenko has filed two relevant requests, and her lawyers Serhii Vlasenko and Oleksandr Plakhotniuk have made three, and today such requests will be submitted again," says the statement.

"From the "extract from suspicion" leaked to the press we know that there is no case. There cannot be a criminal case, if the charges contain only one specific date - the date of Shcherban's murder - and no specific evidence of any particular witness," stresses Batkivschyna.

"A delay of the prosecution with the issue of the materials to defenders only strengthens the suspicion that Shcherban's case simply does not physically exist," says the opposition.

"The General Prosecutor's Office has gone so far in blindly following Yanukovych's orders that it has forgotten to back their allegations of criminal charges against Yulia Tymoshenko with actual criminal cases," states Batkivschyna.

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