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 Who Killed Shcherban and How Yanukovych and Akhmetov Came to be in the Same Boat

Akhat Brahin through connections with Yevhen Shcherban was increasingly taking control of the law enforcement in Donetsk oblast.

Journalist TetianaChornovil continues publishing her own investigation of themysterious murder of Yevhen Shcherban.

"In 1994 an eventoccurred that not only changed the course of the criminal war inDonbas but the course of Ukrainian history. Yura Yenakievskyitogether with all his entourage left Dolidze brothers and went toBrahin. So finally Yanukovych came to be in the same boat withAkhmetov. A weakened Dolidze clan began losing ground. Especiallybecause Akhat Brahin through connections with Yevhen Shcherban wasincreasingly taking control of the law enforcement in Donetskoblast.

For example, inJuly 1994, the office of Dolidze brothers in Debaltsevo wassearched by the police. They knew where they were going and theycame on APC. They arrested 37 Dolidze thugs and seized a lot ofweapons. According to the information from police folder it isclear that Dolidze believed that the special operation was promptedby Brahin, who at that time influenced the head of oblast policeHavrylenko," writes Chornovil.

In September 1994Akhat Bragin received another gift - the killing of one of the mostpowerful enemies - "crowned thief" Brahinskiy. (Brahin believedthat it was Brahin's people who tried to shoot him with automaticweapons near dovecote in Peski village when he miraculously managedto escape).

From the policedocuments the author found out that the investigation consideredthe involvement in the murder of Chort (Devil), who is a formerspecial forces paratrooper. By the way, his name is Chertkov YuriiDmitryevych coincides with the name of the current MP. And the facelooks similar.

Also from the same source,it became known that the object of the investigation by lawenforcement agencies in this matter was one Arkalaiev who is alsovery similar to the current MP.

"After the murderof Brahinskiy all criminal allies of Dolidze brothers massivelyflee abroad to wait it out and gather strength.

Among those whoescaped the police report mentions the names of Riabin and Kushnir,- these gentlemen will be subsequently accused of most resonantmurders of Donbas in 1995-1996.

Many of those whowere naïve enough to stay in Donetsk were killed.

For example, inSeptember, 94 were bosses Dvornyy and Minayluk were killed," writesChornovil.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n231559