Azarov is Preparing to Cancel Simplified Taxation fro Entrepreneurs, Spilna Sprava Movement

The government is ready to cancel the simplified tax system for businesses as part of measures to tackle the budget deficit that emerged early in 2013.

This was stated by Kyiv coordinator of Spilna Sprava (Common Cause) Civil Movement Oleksandr Danyliuk at a briefing, reports Сenыor.NET.

According to him, during the Cabinet of Ministers meeting on 29 January such proposals have already been voiced by head of the State Committee for Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Mikhail Brodskyy.

"Statements by Mykola Azarov that he is afraid of getting as a result of the cancellation a new Tax Maidan are nothing more than an attempt to evade responsibility for such a decision and the protests that will inevitably occur as a result," said Danyliuk. "Azarov does not know other methods of solving budget problems but social spending cuts and increased tax burden on small and medium businesses. So he does not see an alternative to the elimination of simplified taxation."

The leader of the Spіlna Sprava movement also reported that to promote this idea, the Party of Regions is preparing a powerful PR campaign, which will involve pseudo entrepreneurial organizations which will also call for the abolition of the simplified taxation system. Among such organizations Danyliuk called the All-Ukrainian Association of Light Industry Employers. The main theme of the campaign, according to the coordinator of the movement will be the fight for the domestic garment manufacturer, who allegedly suffers from competition with sellers of imported product.

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