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 In the 90s Yanukovych Did Not Hide Mafia Protection and on Any Occasion Threaten to Call the Thugs, Says Witness

During the criminal war in Donbas Akhmetov and Yanukovych were in different trenches.

JournalistTetiana Chornovil writes on her blog on the Ukrainian Pravda:

"After the death of Krantz a gathering of thebosses was held in the town of Debaltsevo. As the author learnedfrom police documents, at the office of LLC Prometheus owned bybrothers Dolidze (bosses who controlled the north of Donetskoblast) gathered a constellation of underworld stars - Frolov,Brahinskyy, Ivanyushchenko (the same Yura Yenakievskiy), Uzbek,Bimbat.

In the meeting the bosses expresseddissatisfaction with the actions of Brahin and discussed economicplans - to take control of currency exchange. What's interesting:this program was presented by Frolov and Yurushev. The first hasalready passed away and the second is a well known importer of fishto Ukraine, the owner of the customs terminal at Boryspil andViktor Yanukovych's favorite hotel in Kyiv - Intercontinental wherethe Regions Party usually holds its events.

Uzbek proposed to agree the program with Brahin,however the bosses said they do not want anything to do with him,"the journalist writes.

Ahat Brahin was outraged by the decision ofDebaltsevo gathering. Soon the law enforcement agencies have begunto investigate his involvement in the assassination of Bek - acrime boss close to Frolov.

According to Tetiana Chornovil, in those daysAkhat Brahin and Rinat Akhmetov opposed Dolidze brothers and YuraYenakiyevskiy who at that time was protecting well knownpersonalities of today such as agriculture minister MykolaPrysiazhniuk and President Viktor Yanukovych.

Close relationship between the three began inthe Soviet era, when on the basis of shortages in the countrycriminal clans grew like weeds. Director of various publicwarehouses wrote off goods and the criminals sold them on the blackmarket at a much higher price. A source from Yenakiyevo told theauthor that such business first raised Yura Yenakievskiy andPrysiazhniuk who was then the director of the greenhouses of theOrdzhonikidzeugol mine. Through criminal structures you could sellvegetables and greens - illegally but very profitably. But the gangwas more interested in mine's carpool, spare parts and fuel, sothrough Prysiazhiuk the bosses of Yenakievo approached ViktorYanukovych, the director of carpool.

The source told the author that Yanukovych didnot hide the criminal protection and even in small conflictsthreatened to call the thugs. Life is curious: back in 1994,Akhmetov and Yanukovнch, who presently cannot live without eachother, were in different trenches," writes thejournalist.

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