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 Gongadze's Widow: I am Committed to Punish Organizers of My Husband’s Murder - Kuchma and Lytvyn

The widow of journalist Georgiy Gongadze Miroslava welcomes the verdict to former head of the MIA Department of Observation Oleksii Pukach, but it will require not only to punish the perpetrators, but also ordered the killing of her husband.

She said this in a comment to UNIAN. "I welcome the decision of the court. The only just sentence to the former Interior Ministry general, I believe is the death penalty. Life imprisonment - that is what Pukach deserves because the blood on his hands is not only of Georgiy," said Gongadze. She reminded that, according to the investigation materials, namely A.Pukach organized surveillance and the kidnapping of her husband, and forced "his subordinates to strangle Georgiy, burn the body, then cut off his head, and that it was who he had reburied the body, hiding evidence of the crime."

M.Gongadze said she would seek prosecution of all those involved in the murder of her husband. "Organizers that Pukach named in today's court session. He said that he will agree with his sentence if Lytvyn and Kuchma become the defendants. All these actions, he said, he made following the instructions of former Interior Minister Kravchenkoand the order of former head of the Presidential Administration Lytvyn and former President Kuchma", said the widow of the journalist.

She expressed regret that on this trial her lawyer could not verify the final connection of Pukach with senior officials as the court denied the victims calling Kuchma and Lytvyn to testify. According to M.Gongadze, for her it was a signal that the current regime is trying to finish the job of closing Gongadze's case with punishment for executors only. She noted that in a case concerning the organizers of the murder which is now investigated by the Prosecutor General's Office, there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against the organizers of Gongadze's murder. "This requires a political will," she said.

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