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 Donetsk Mayor Accuses International Experts of Smear Campaign

Donetsk Mayor Oleksandr Lukianchenko does not trust the results of the study of the international company GFK, whereby Ukraine in terms of purchasing power is among the least well-off European countries.

He said this at a press conference, reportsnovosti.dn.ua.

"I think that a group of international expertsworked at someone's request to continue discrediting our country.Go around the Ukrainian cities, look at what people are wearing,what are they driving, what shops there are, and everything willfall into place," said the mayor.

Lukiachenko noted that "we need to declare theincome correctly, and the state should protect the poorest part ofthe population, and then everything will befine."

"Before Euro 2012, they said that there is hellhere," he said.

According to the mayor there are a lot ofwealthy people in Donetsk. "I had two days - Saturday and Sunday -and I left the office and drove around the city, its districts.I've seen enough of so many people who have a successful life, soexcuse me..." said the mayor.

He noted that "officially for the last year, thecity of Donetsk was recognized as the most affluentcity."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n231389