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 Traffic Police Prompted by Azarov Want to Suspend Driver Licenses for Contempt of Motorcades

Traffic police department initiates drivers another tightening of administrative responsibility.

This time the changes are special vehicles traveling conditions, reports LIGABusinessInform.

The prepared draft law "On Amendments to Article 122 of the Code of Administrative Offences" provides greater responsibility for the failure to yield way to EMS, fire brigade, emergency services, and police vehicles who are traveling with turned on flash or audible warning device. For such violations the Interior Ministry proposed to increase penalties from the current 510-680 UAH to 680-850 UAH, and in special cases - to suspend a driver's license for a period of six months to a year. In the current edition of the Code violators face just fine.

The Interior Ministry stresses that passing the bill "will increase the level of legal culture of citizens, strengthen the rule of law and education of citizens, respect for the vehicles of the emergency services, ambulance, fire and police with special signals."

Strengthening penalties for drivers who do not yield to special vehicles was charged last Monday by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov at a Cabinet meeting. "We need to increase the responsibility for those who do not give way to emergency vehicles. Perhaps up to the suspension of license. Such violations do not allow for ambulances to arrive on time and may cost someone's life," said Azarov.

The problem of special vehicles movement through congested streets of big cities, especially Kyiv really exists. However, the rudeness of some drivers is not the only obstacle in the way of hurrying doctors, firefighters or policemen.

Special vehicles which are given precedence in the movement, and referred to by the Prime Minister, in addition to ambulances and other emergency cars include cars from government motorcades. The privileged vehicles include the escort of the President, the Prime Minister and the Head of Parliament. And doctors often have to stand in traffic jams that are created due to road blocks for the passage of VIPs.

You can find many videos on the Internet that confirm what inconvenience Kyiv residents suffer due to blocking of the roads for the passage of President Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Azarov . There are ambulances in the traffic jams which the head of government was talking about. An illustrative example is a video taken at Moskovskyy Prospect of the capital: ambulance with turned on lights has to yield to Yanukovych's motorcade. Moreover, the state inspector :asks" the waiting ambulance to turn off the siren.

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