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 Shcherban’s Murder is Vendetta of Donetsk Clan During Criminal Wars

You should look for motive for killing the master of Donbas Yevhen Shcherban in 1996 in Donetsk airport in 1992.

This was written by journalist Tetiana Chornovil on her Ukrainian Pravda blog.

According to Chornovil, one of her sources is a folder from the Ministry of Interior with the operational reports.

"You should look for motive for killing the master of Donbas Yevhen Shcherban in 1996 in Donetsk airport in 1992.

At that time Yevhen Shcherban was already known as the owner of the ATON corporation, a powerful businessman, the Face of Donetsk region.

But Akhat Brahin, the mentor of Rinat Akhmetov, was known only as the crime boss in Donetsk. One of many. Although he has already started to legalize his "business" and had the advantage of collaborating with Shcherban. This is seen in the operative reports on Akhat Brahin. There among Brahin's contacts the office of ATON corporation frequently comes up.

Before killing another powerful Donetsk businessman Janosh Krantz Akhat Brahin (a.k.a. Alik Grek) stopped by Shcherban's place.

It was the first high profile murder in Donbas and the first major division of property. After the death of Krantz all "achievements" inherited Alik Grek. In addition, to show others his power, Brahin defiantly moved his office to a mansion of the late Krantz (former state residence built for Gorbachev) in the botanical garden of the city of Donetsk. Everybody knows who lives in that estate now - Rinat Akhmetov," writes the journalist.

According to the source of Chornovil, the prime suspect in the murder of Krantz was one Oleh Morozov who lived in the apartment of Serhii Kyi. "Kyi suspiciously looks like the current MP who made the list of the Party of Regions on a quota of Rinat Akhmetov," writes the journalist.

After Krantz's assassination a criminal war started in Donbas.

"There were well known crime bosses behind Krantz - Frolov and Brahinskiy, he collaborated with shady businessmen Kushnir and Riabin. Later the two would be accused of being leaders of the gang that killed Brahin, Shcherban, Momot and others.

If this is true, the murder of Akhat Bragin and Yevhen Shcherban by Kushnir's gang can be viewed not as a contract killing, but as a vendetta, self-defense - to kill in order to survive themselves," writes Chornovil, stressing that it was hardly possible without outside assistance. Moreover, considerable number of powerful figures from Donetsk and Kyiv had interest in removing Shcherban and Brahin.

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