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 Big Fight in Downtown Kyiv: Svoboda vs Regime. PHOTO + VIDEO

During the founding meeting of the Public Council at the Kyiv State City Administration (KSCA) a clash occurred between Svoboda activists and and unknown persons.

It is reported byOleksandr Aronets, head of Svoboda's public relations on hisFacebook page.


Video Kommentarii

"Friends, right now a constituent assembly of the Public Council atKSCA is taking place. Skinheads pretending to be journalists (fromPylypyshyn), those who were at 223 district attacked deputy EduardLeoniv and the public. It is in essence a seizure of the PublicCouncil! Please support the public and discourage the raiders.Whoever can please come to the Main Post Office and go inside tothe 7th floor!" wrote the activist.

Later, he alsosaid that an "an enormous fight"broke out in the Main Post Office.

"Activists of Adelaja sect, and people from the Party of Regionsyouth organization have blocked the scene, gave the new ballots totheir people and are revoting. We need physical help!" calledAronets.

In her turn, journalist Yelena Bilozerska wrote: "There is afight at the Kyiv Post Office. Yesterday, according to Svoboda'sValentyn Luneiko, a legitimate election of the Public Council atthe KCSA was held, and now the authorities have decided to hold onemore illegitimate election, having filled the room with thugs.Activists are forced to fight the thugs and Berkut policemen ofwhich there are many. They broke in and took over the 7th floor ofthe Post Office (I think the first one, too.) Deputies Ilenko andLeonov participated in the fight and are probably hurt."

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