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 Tymoshenko: Arrange Individual Kruty Against This Mafia Regime

Yulia Tymoshenko appealed to the citizens of Ukraine on the Day of Commemorating the Heroes of Kruty.

In herappeal Yulia Tymoshenko notes that 95 years ago, several hundred ofyoung defenders of Ukrainian People's Republic selflessly tried tostop the "army of the Bolshevik invaders that came to Kiev," andnow "the descendants of those Bolsheviks, a little modernized andrecolored - are again marching on the capital and all ourstate."

"Like domestic occupants they destroy politicalopponents, activists, tighten freedoms, stop the European course ofUkraine. The state machine is working for one reason - to provideits life term rule," she writes.

"We are witnessing a blind desire of onedictator destroying the dream and the cause of numerousgenerations, killing the hope of millions to live in a normalEuropean Ukraine, turning Ukraine from underdeveloped country intoa backward feudal state," said Tymoshenko.

In her opinion, "the events of 1918 and 2013 aresimilar to each other in the way that before us again is the issueof preservation of Ukrainian independence, the future of ourchildren and our grandchildren and our place among the civilizednations."

"You cannot be tamed, and convince that black iswhite, that false is true, that corruption in the government - iseconomic stability and the lack of basic freedoms and rights is thepreservation of law and order," said the ex-PrimeMinister.

According to Tymoshenko, "patriotic Ukrainianswith European beliefs make for the worst fear of the regime" and"the regime is afraid of even single person actions but tofundamentally change the situation in the country it is notenough."

"On the Day of Kruty Heroes I urge the societyto wake up! Personal neutrality to what happens in the country is avote for the establishment of a dictatorship, it is a lostopportunity for the European future, at least for our children andgrandchildren," she writes.

"Leo Tolstoy once said that there are more goodpeople but evil wins because evil is better organized. I appeal toyou - organize, act together. Build in Kyiv, in towns and villagesyour own small and large, collective and individual Kruty againstthe mafia regime," calls Tymoshenko.

In her opinion, "only when the example ofhundreds is followed by thousands and hundreds of thousands ofbrave fighters, when Ukraine boils on numerous fires of resistanceto injustice, only then we will break a vicious cycle of history"and achieve the right to a truly free Europeancountry.

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