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 Petition Signing Started on White House Website for Introduction of Pavlichenko List for Ukraine

Defenders of Pavlichenko family convicted of killing a judge in Kyiv called on the White House to introduce "Pavlichenko List" for Ukraine.

Petition signing started on the White House website calling for sanctions against Ukrainian officials involved in fraudulent case against Dmytro and Serhii Pavlichenko, Censor.NET reports. The petition was filed by defense attorneys of the Pavlichenko family. It was listed on the White House Web site on January 26, and as of the 29 January it was signed by almost 2 thousand people (out of the 100 thousand signatures required).

The petition calls to "Deny entry to the United States: Anatoly Mogilev, chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Bondarenko, judge; Alex Krikun Gen head of the Department of Public Safety Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Vasily Farinniku chief of the investigation department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine; Rybka, investigator and other individuals involved in human rights and freedoms, criminal tampering cases, torture, covering up those falsified the criminal case, and the judges who refused to accept the evidence of innocence Pavlichenko`s and condemned them to life imprisonment

- Arrest accounts in U.S banks of these persons

- Investigate the involvement of the Dutch company Gooioord BV to bribery of prosecutors, police, judges."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n231292