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 Ukrainians Will Pay For Small Village House and Azarov's Son Will Not Pay for His Mansion, Senchenko

Under the real estate tax Introduced on 1 January 2013 the payers of which will be owners of residential property will be an additional pressure for ordinary people but not the wealthy Ukrainians.

Batkivschyna press service cites deputy Andrii Senchenko: "This tax was originally called by some as a tax on the rich who have excess property but it aroused doubts.

Our political force pointed to the shortcomings of the law and that, in fact, it is just a veiled additional pressure on the majority of our citizens," said Senchenko. According to the deputy, the authorities are only putting their hands deeper into the pockets of every person, and the tax introduced from January 1 is one of the new instruments for siphoning money from ordinary citizens. "Under this law Azarov's son will pay nothing despite the fact that he has an expensive apartment in the city center in an elite building. A family living in an old building and having a home of 50 sq.m. in the village will pay," said Andrii Senchenko.

"If a man has a house of 499 sq.m. - not a small house, but he does not pay this tax, and he has two houses, in any case, he pays for the second one regardless of its size. Imagine a family that has an apartment in an old building and a village home that they inherited. They will have to pay the tax either for an apartment or a house. Parental home may be in the village as a memory and they do not sell it. In this case, people will pay for a second home. Also a family composition is not considered. It is also clear that there are different prices of real estate. A house in Zhmerinka does not cost as much as a house in Kyiv. In terms of the assessment of the housing the system is imperfect. So, in the end, this law has degenerated into a pressure for everyone," adds the MP.

Andrii Senchenko believes that only a society with the opposition can stop the lawlessness that takes place in the state. "The society must be very alert to what is now being done by the authorities, or there will be nothing left to be pulled out of the pockets," said the MP.

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