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 VIP Top List of Cars for Officials Purchased for Taxpayers Funds. PHOTOS

Hit parade of the most expensive cars for government officials in 2012. Government clerks avoid informing the public about buying luxury cars.

In 2012, in theJournal of Public Procurement (JPP) published announcement of theacquisition of cars by state and municipal agencies for at least544 million hryvnia, reports Censor.NET.

Of this amount,387 million UAH went to ambulance and sanitary vehicles. Another 71million UAH went to updating the fleet of police departments. Andamong the luckiest among the law enforcement is the StateProtection Service (SPS), which received 18 million UAH for cars ina year. And the process does not stop there.

In November, SPSbegan massively buying Mitsubishis for its regional divisions, andafter the new year they bought 2 million worth of these cars forits Odesa, Sumy and Chernihiv divisions.

After the medicaland police cars less than 83 million hryvnias remain in 2012 forvehicle tenders for other institutions.

Here are the mostexpensive ones, including minibuses, which were also placed in carscategory (the chart does not include policecars):


Наименование авто -количество

Цена за ед, грн

Национальный банк Украины

Volkswagen Crafter 50 в комплектацииА208.50 - 2 шт

764 000

«Западныйреабилитационно-спортивный центр»Национального комитета спорта инвалидов Украины

Mercedes-Benz Viano CDI22 Trend Long - 1шт

560 700

ГП «Центр государственногоземельногокадастра»

VolkswagenCaravelle Comfortline 2,0ТДІ (140 к.с.) - 1 шт

462 352

Генеральная прокуратураУкраины

Toyota Camry premium - 8 шт

445 720

Крымская электроэнергетическаясистема ГП«НЭК«Укрэнерго»

SkodaSuper B Elegance - 1 шт

423 877

Национальный банк Украины

Volkswagen T5 Kombi - 2 шт

423 000

ГП «Клесовское лесное хозяйство»

ToyotaCamry 3.5 А/Т (5N) - 1 шт

421 922

Национальный банк Украины

Volkswagen T5 Kombi - 5 шт

396 000

Фонд гарантирования вкладов физическихлицКиев

ToyotaCamry 2,5 Dual VVTi (180 к.с.) - 1 шт

368 800

Донбасская электроэнергетическаясистема ГП«НЭК «Укрэнерго»

Hyundai H-1 - 1 шт

The first trendwhich became obvious in analyzing the tenders for the purchase ofpassenger cars by state agencies: state officials concealinformation about their craving for luxury. We found at least threeways: purchasing a vehicle called "cargo", leaving out some data inprocurement, and pretending not to buy anything atall.

The firstoption with "cargo"

State AviationService reported in JPP that it purchased a "truck" for 666thousand UAH. And although the price is adequate for somemiddle-class truck, one thing is raised suspicions - the car waspurchased in Atlant-M Dnieper Embankment - a dealership whichfocuses on Volkswagen cars. The technical specifications were notspecified which particular brand of car the Service wanted.However, they were very detailed about technical specifications ofthe vahicle. These requirements rule out the possibility ofacquiring a truck, because we have never seen or heard of truck in"black pearl" color with six airbags, air conditioning and rearparking sensors. But the requirements are perfectly suited byVolkswagen Amarok 2.0D (180 hp) AT Trendline 4Motion pick up, whichin our opinion, should still be considered a car and not atruck.

This is importantbecause we chose only those tenders from the JPP which honestlyspecified the procurement code: "34.10.2 - cars." And who knows howmany of these "truck car" cases are left up to the officials.Indeed, as already mentioned, the secret of "truck" bought by theState Aviation was discovered by chance - because of the famousname of the dealer.

The secondoption with "leaving information out"

The example ofhiding was given by those who themselves must defend the law,including the tender one - the General Prosecutor's Office ofUkraine.

The prosecutorswho valiantly dig the ground under Tymoshenko, have allowedthemselves to update the fleet by 7 million UAH. Again, we are notconvinced that this is all the data on new cars of the PGO. But itwas not done through the "truck" scheme.

The fact is thatthe prosecutors were very shy their whims. In February, on the JPPwebsite reported on the acquisition of vehicles for 3.6 millionUAH. However, contrary to the requirements of the tender of the lawof the PGO did not publish tender documentation. Thus, the data onthe make, availability, price, and even the number of carspurchased was hidden. And apparently, all would have remained inthe dark but due to intervening of Anti Corruption Center whichwith the help of the deputy Victor Matchuk's inquiry managed tohave the data released. Only after that it became known that theNGO bought eight Toyota Camry sedansfully loaded for 446,000 UAHeach and one Toyota Hiace for 331,000 UAH.

And how many moresecrets of the NGO tenders are buried in the wilds of the JPP - noone knows. We can only guess how much it actually costs to build anew office for Victor Pshonka's Office in the city center: 147million as the NGO reported or 312 million more? After all, this isthe amount the the NGO had another construction tender for thisoffice, but has not published the finalagreement.

The thirdoption - "we bought nothing"

According toreports, this is an option of updating officials' garages withluxury cars. It was used in full by the State Office of thePresident (SOP).

The journalistsmanaged to get their hands on the text of an executive order thatthe Cabinet gave the SOP four armored Mercedes-Benz S-600 Guardfree of charge. Free, because these armored cars made in 2008 wereconfiscated by the Customs. Of course, somebody paid for thesecars. And probably a lot of money, because even used cars of thisbrand cost starting $350,000 apiece. If the government sold them ata normal auction, it would be possible to get at least a milliondollars on something really necessary for Ukrainians, for example,thousands of computers for schools. But no suchluck.

Who paid and howmuch is unknown, because such government regulation do not containsuch information. In general, the documents on the redistributionof wealth in favor of the officials are among the most classified.If it was not for a friendly source that provided the journalistswith information, the public would not know about these armoredcars. And journalists would be unlikely to track their fate. And itis a very colorful one. For this Mercedes armored winter tires at28 thousand UAH each were purchased. Therefore, the cost for thekit with a spare wheel was 140 thousand hryvnia. Just as much as abrand new car like Suzuki Splash or two Daewoo Lanos. And we aretalking about set of tyres for one Merc of the President's Office.And it is believed that next winter they will change itagain.

There is no doubtthat the above case of the armored Mercedeses is just the tip ofthe iceberg, which has been revealed quite byaccident.

After that "NashіGroshі" with great zeal tended to the list of cars that the cardatabase of the Main Department of Traffic Police insures eachyear, and orders for maintenance.

The study of thesetenders showed that over the past year the garage of the StateOffice of the President acquired at least four expensive cars -three Mercedes-Benz GL-500 and one Chevrolet GMC. The JPP has norecords on the acquisition of these vehicles by a government agencyin Ukraine. Perhaps the smuggling works in mysteriousways...

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