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 They Want to Destroy Tymoshenko. If it was Kuzmin’s Will, He Could Prove Her Responsibility for Spots on the Moon, European MP

Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok said that the authorities of Ukraine want to destroy former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko "as a person and as a politician."

Brok told this in an interview to Deutsche Welle, commenting on the allegations made against Tymoshenko in the murder of deputy Yevhen Shcherban.

Brok stated that "We have to conclude that the Deputy Attorney General Kuzmin continues his fight with Tymoshenko and accumulates a lot of charges, which are as little justified as all the previous ones. International community has already realized that. This is evidence of selective justice. Murder charges have long been refuted as baseless. And in this case it is about destroying Tymoshenko as a person and politician."

To the observation that in order to prosecute for murder no statute of limitations, therefore, you may want to examine new evidence and investigation of Tymoshenko, the MEP said, "But new evidence is also invalid. Witnesses for the Timoshenko in the vast majority are not recognized and do not get the right to speak. We are dealing with the electoral justice. Kuzmin, if it was his will, could prove that Tymoshenko is responsible for the spots on the Moon."

Commenting on the fact that the United States denied Renat Kuzmin entry into their country and the question of whether the EU is considering the use of such sanctions in relation to certain Ukrainian officials, Brok replied: "Yes, we can also do that. In the case of Belarus and Syria it has already happened. And if things will go on the way they are going it will affect Mr. Kuzmin. We will be forced to take action against those who are systematically destroying the rule of law. "

According to Brok, the agenda of the EU-Ukraine summit on February 25 "will include the subject of lack of reforms in the field of justice, long-promised reform of the General Prosecutor's Office, and the matters of the right to vote and fair elections. This is part of the prerequisites that must be met in order for the Association Agreement to be signed in Vilnius at the end of November. This is mandated by the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU and the European Parliament. And until that happens, there will be no progress in the issue of the association. I hope that Ukraine agrees to these conditions. When I talk to politicians, they meet it with understanding. However, Deputy Attorney General Kuzmin has his own policy. I got the impression that he is the most powerful man in Ukraine."

According to Brok, "Until the Vilnius summit, Kyiv must hold a series of reforms, which I partially listed. And I do not see any progress in this area. On the contrary it is getting worse. And you should find out whether President Yanukovych and Prime Minister Azarov really want it. A month ago I talked to Azarov, and heard the assurance that he believes in the European Charter. However, then he must find the strength and influence Kuzmin."

Answering a question of whether Europe considers some practical steps to rescue Tymoshenko, Brok noted that "the Ukrainian government knows that there are practical ways. They very well know the corresponding proposals. I do not want to voice them now. But the Ukrainian leadership has the ability to resolve these issues in civil manner. I am surprised that it is not doing that."

Commenting on the intention of European politicians to simplify the visa regime between Ukraine and the EU, Brok expressed the opinion that "It is certainly an important step. We do not want to punish Ukrainians. But it would be particularly interesting if people like Kuzmin would not get a visa."

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