Saboteurs Blew Up Major Underground Nuclear Plant in Iran, Media

There was a powerful explosion that destroyed all buildings within a 5 km radius of a secret underground plant in the Iranian city of Fordo, which is engaged in uranium enrichment,. In addition, 240 employees of the nuclear center remain underground, cut off from the outside world, according to the media.

According to one of the guards of the place, an explosion occurred in the morning of Monday, January 21, reports the World Net Daily.

This nuclear facility is built at a depth of 90 meters under the ground, to protect it from a possible attack. Underground housing is connected to the outside world only by two lifts that have been completely destroyed, as well as the emergency exits. As a result, the entire staff of the nuclear center is buried under the ground.

As of last Wednesday evening, rescue teams have failed to reach them. According to the main version, it was an act of sabotage. It is assumed that the explosives were brought to the object gradually, under the guise of heavy equipment and tanks with hexa-fluoride uranium. The epicenter of the explosion was in the third compartment of centrifuges, which is located directly above the storage of enriched uranium.

It is worth noting that the authorities have not confirmed the explosion.

Currently the area is cordoned off within 24 kilometers and the highway leading from Tehran to the holy Shiite city of Qom is also blocked.

According to experts, the reactor at Fordo which has 2,700 centrifuges, can yield 20% enriched uranium, which can be converted into nuclear fuel for a bomb in a matter of weeks.

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