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 Bohatyriova Can Lift the Ban on Sale of Deadly Hepatitis B Vaccine Produced by Her Son

Head of State Pharmacy Service (SPS) informed that the Health Ministry has the ability to do that, although in practice the agency never used this right.

Among the critical violations that lead to the production of substandard medicines, due to which, according to unofficial data, several dozen children died, there were few simply outrageous facts. As it turned out, the vaccine is made in violation of the technology. And nobody checked them for sterility.

Head of State Pharmacy Service Oleksii Soloviev in an exclusive interview with journalist Yurii Butusov revealed that the Ministry of Health today has the opportunity to return the vaccine in circulation.

"We will check that the vaccines that are purchased, but not in accordance with GMP, do not reach the patients," promised the head of SPS.

When asked whether Bohatyriova can cancel the decision of State Service Soloviev said:

"Yes, the Ministry of Health can. However, in practice, it never used this ability. My statements do not contain any news - it is a requirement of the law, and I think, therefore, there can be no reason to review them," he said.

"In 2012, we made a major decision on the introduction of criminal liability for the sale and production of counterfeit and substandard medicines. Previously, even if a huge stock of counterfeit drugs was discovered, the offender got off with an administrative fine of 1,500 hryvnia. Now it will result in prison time, as in all civilized countries," said Soloviov.

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