Passengers Thank Kolesnikov for Hyundais – Regions Are Against Rada Investigatiion Commission

The Party of Regions explained why there is no need to create a commission to investigate the purchase of Hyundai trains.

Deputy Vladyslav Lukyanov in a comment to Censor.NETexpressed confidence that the Investigative Commission has nothingto do in case of the Hyundais.

"Yes, indeed,there were difficulties due to cold weather. But I want to tell youthat I myself have several times used the Hyundai trains going toDonetsk and back instead of the plane. I have spoken with manypeople who were traveling with me. And concluded that in fact it isa step forward. There is always a problem in the implementation ofnew technologies. But many passengers said "thank you" toKolesnikov... And trying to discredit what is good, what was donein Ukraine is wrong," said Lukianov.

The deputy addedthat his party will not support the creation of the InvestigativeCommission.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n230914