Ukrainian Politics

 Yanukovych Was Not Invited to Pinchuk Lunch in Davos: Oligarch Is Unhappy With President

The image of President Viktor Yanukovych has fallen to a critical point in the eyes of the world, especially after the case against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

This was said by Andrii Novak, economy PhD.

Commenting on Yanukovych's absence in the traditional Ukrainian Lunch in Davos organized by Viktor Pinchuk, he said: "This situation is two sided."

According to the expert, "either the organizers saw that it is better not to advertise his presence, or the second option - economic and political wars of our oligarchs, i.e. internal oligarchic competition."

"One of the elements of this competition is to demonstrate that the organizer of the lunch Pinchuk not happy with the attitude of the current government, that is the President and his entourage, so he made a little response by not inviting him," suggested the expert.

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