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 They Need to Question Akhmetov in Shcherban Case, Says Lawyer

In the murder of Yevhen Shcherban businessman Rinat Akhmetov was involeved.

This was said by former lawyer Vadim Bolotskih of convicted for the murder of Yevhen Scherban Dmytro Poezd on TVi

"Akhmetov needs to be questioned, I saw the prosecutor's fearing Rinat Akhmetov," said the lawyer.

"He knew all these people. As far as I know, Akhmetov was the treasurer of the group. Otherwise why did he rise that fast? Where did he get the starting capital?" he added.

In addition, Poyizd said that Bolotskih did not cooperate either with Yulia Tymoshenko or with Pavlo Lazarenko.

"Bolotskih has not met either with Tymoshenko or Lazarenko. He did not have any negotiations on obtaining weapons or money. He received money from the people at Kushnir," said the lawyer.

"The investigation is trying to find out who ordered the killing, but not pushy. Basically they tried to prove who killed Shcherban. Bolotskih said he killed him," says Poizd.

"Bolotskih position was such that he came to the poor and help Ukraine destroy the oligarchs. Bolotskih considered himself a Robin Hood. He said that Scherban was an oligarch and he hurt people," said the lawyer.

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