Deadly Vaccines of Bohatyriova’s Son Banned. DOCUMENT

State Pharmacy Service temporarily banned the implementation of hepatitis B vaccine manufactured by Pharmstandard-Biolik which belongs to the son of Minister of Health Raisa Bohatyriova.

This is stated in the decree of the State Pharmacy Service of December 12, 2012 which was provided by the press service of Batkivschyna deputy Andrii Senchenko, reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

State Pharmacy Service temporarily banned "realization (sale), storage and use of all series of" of the vaccine based on the results of verification of the license conditions of drug production by Pharmstandard-Biolik.

Earlier, the Prosecutor General's Office has issued an ordinance to audit compliance by the Ministry of Health in the procurement of vaccines produced by Pharmstandard-Biolik.

Senchenko, who sent the corresponding inquiry to the Prosecutor General's Office, said that the company of Bohatyriova's son Pharmstandard-Biolik produces deadly hepatitis B vaccine, which the Ministry of Health buys under the state program.

He also claims that after inoculation by the vaccine produced by Bohatyriova's son 11 children died in Ukraine.

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