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 Yanukovych Gave Private Instruction to Regions Headquarters - Not to Let Chornovil Into Rada Because of Personal Insult

The results of elections in 120th district could have been rigged according to the personal order of President Viktor Yanukovych.

According to the source of Censor.NET close to the leadership of the Party of Regions "The situation in Chornovil's district was unique. The President gave a direct order - she shall not get into the parliament. The order came at the end of August, immediately after Tetiana infiltrated Mezhyhiria and made a report. This was a personal insult for Yanukovych. And he seriously feared that winning the elections through this feat Chornovil will not stop and start climbing it all the time while being protected by deputy immunity.

So the order was given to HQ management and it was done with the help of various PR and election technologies. First of all, the 120th District has witnessed a mass change of members of precinct and district election commissions. Talks and negotiations with local opposition parties' organizations have been conducted to ensure their loyalty. As a result the commission and observers at most precincts were formed from the right people who would make sure the order is done. Part of ballots for Chornovil were damaged and in those districts where the commission were completely loyal to Chornovil's opponent Yaroslav Dubnevich the final reports were counted and certified as ordered from higher up. The scheme almost failed, because in some areas the results were falsified by both the authorities and Dubnevich's people. As a result, the gap in turnout was far from reality."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n230736