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 The State Duma Plans to Simplify Obtaining Russian Citizenship for All Born in the USSR

The State Duma discussed two bills to simplify granting Russian citizenship.

According to KP in Ukraine, the first one eases the requirements for foreigners who come to Russia as part of the program of Russian compatriots resettlement assistance.

Participation in it is entitled to all the citizens of the former USSR and their descendants. If the bill is approved, they will no longer need the following to obtain Russian citizenship:

1) 5 years of continuous residence in the territory of the Russian Federation

2) residence permit in Russia

3) confirming income

4) taking Russian language exam.

The program of compatriot resettlement assistance has been in effect since 2007, and about 100,000 people have taken advantage of it. But those are not the numbers that were expected. It was planned that by the end of 2012 the number will reach about half a million people. Altogether 20-25 million former Soviet citizens could have used the program. But experts say the requirements for those returning are too strict. So the decision was made to simplify them. The bill is supported by all four factions of the State Duma, and it's likely to be adopted as soon as possible.

The second bill, which yesterday was considered by the State Duma, regards granting citizenship to children of mixed marriages - Russians with foreigners. For such a child to become a Russian citizen a statement from the Russian parent and written consent of the foreign parent is required. If the bill is adopted, the consent to foreign parents will not be needed. The child will automatically become a Russian citizen, even if a foreign father (mother) objects.

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