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 No One in Diplomatic Corps Takes Prosecution's Non-Sense Seriously. Ukraine-EU Summit is at Risk, Says Former Foreign Minister Tarasiuk

The diplomat says that Shcherban case may invalidate EU-Ukraine summit.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and opposition deputyBorys Tarasiuk commented to Censor.NET on the prospects of Europeanintegration of Ukraine in connection with the developments inTymoshenko's case.

"The EU and theU.S. do not believe the current authorities. Even if they weretelling the truth, they would not believe them. There has been somuch lies already and so much negativity that no one wants to takethem seriously. It is obvious to me that the accusations aretrumped up to secure the regime if the European Court of HumanRights will rule on the acquittal of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko. Theyunderstand that and are producing such terrible accusations to keepTymoshenko in prison as long as possible," saidTarasiuk.

"My contactswith representatives of the diplomatic corps in Kyiv and Brusselssay that no one takes the PGO's stories seriously. This situationcould have a negative impact on the issue of European integration,including the cancellation of the summit on February 25," headded.
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