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 Regime is Terribly Afraid that After its Fall Hundreds of Corpses Will Be Dug Up in Donetsk, Deputy Says

The criminal case of the murder of businessman and deputy Yevhen Shcherban has no legal perspective.

This was stated by Batkivschyna deputy Andrii Senchenko in a commentary to Gazeta.ua.

"They want to push the case through the first court at any cost and declare Tymoshenko as organizer of Shcherban's murder. Yanukovych supervises it and Kuzmin performs," he said.

According to the deputy, the PGO has neither begun not completed the investigation of this case. "These are fables put in writing. They throw the info in portions for different purposes. First, they face the challenge of making Tymoshenko a villain in the face of the community. Secondly, they are trying to take the matter of Tymoshenko out of the international level. Thirdly, the country is practically on the verge of default, the symptoms of which are now felt by the population - higher prices, tariffs, wage arrears. And the public opinion must be set to a different course, so they consider this matter a rescue," said Senchenko.

Commenting on the statement of First Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin that there is no politics in the case against Tymoshenko, the politician said: "What other statements can he make? He is an active player. It is difficult for him to put up with the role of First Deputy Prosecutor General. I remember a time when the mentioning of Viktor Pshonka's name resulted in question: 'Who is this guy?'. Pshonka was then First Deputy and Kuzmin - a private. His inner state is bursting the shell. By his actions and statements he is trying to suck up to the ruling regime, because we don't have leaders in this country."

"I have not seen any criminal regime, a dictatorship which would imprison under political charges. It is always solely criminal charges. This is one of the essential elements of the cynical attitude towards human rights and political opponents. That is why Ukrainian criminal regime is not unique. They understand that in the event of a regime's downfall there will be investigations of multiple murders in Donetsk oblast region and hundreds of corpses will be unearthed. Therefore they are mortally scared of this," said the deputy.
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