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 One of the People Chained to Fence on Bankova Was Taken Away by Ambulance With Hypothermia and High Pressure. PHOTO

One of the protesters near the Presidential Administration was taken away by an ambulance.

Batkivschyna press service citing deputy Andrii Shevchenko reports.

"Today, about 7 a.m. an ambulance hospitalized Mitrofanskyy. He was diagnosed with hypothermia and high blood pressure, and was taken to a warm place," said the deputy.

Photo by Vasyl Ivanchenko

The other two protesters Oleg Kuiavskyy and Ivan Krulko are still standing chained to a fence near the Presidential Administration.

According to Shevchenko, the guys were "guarded" by 7 buses with Berkut.

"At night people who live on the neighboring Liuteranska and other streets came, they sympathized, expressed their support for activists. Perhaps thanks to them the protesters were not taken away by force," said Andrii Shevchenko.

At that the deputy expressed his support and admiration for the civil disobedience action pursued by activists, but noted that "obviously, heartless government and Yanukovych do not care a bit that these guys are risking their health."

In their turn, Oleh Kuiavskyy and Ivan Krulko said that they intend to continue to protest against political repression of Yanukovych's regime and to demand the release of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko, "as long as we have the strength."

"We want to say that we are ready to fight for our rights to the end because we clearly understand what kind of danger Ukraine is in today," said Kuiavskyy.

"We have been chained for a day, we barely move, and it is demonstrative that so far no one came to us from the Presidential Administration," said Krulko.

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