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 Shcherban's Killer Died in Prison When Pshonka was a Prosecutor and Yanukovich – Governor of Donetsk Oblast, Says Vlasenko

Yulia Tymoshenko's defense attorney Serhii Vlasenko said that in reality the motives for the murder of Yevhen Shcherban had two groups of people but ex Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was not involved in it.

This opinion was expressed by Vlasenko on Channel5.

"I want to remindeveryone that there was an interview of Leonid Kuchma in which heclearly said that under his presidency, no one raised this issue,and there is no evidence against Yulia Tymoshenko. This is theofficial statement of President Kuchma. During the 16 years sincethe murder, never in any materials has the name of Tymoshenko beenmentioned. in 2003, the murder trial of the executors - not a wordabout Tymoshenko. Main witness Ruslan Shcherban's testimony - not aword about Tymoshenko. Moreover, in 1999, Kushnir, who headed thegang that was allegedly executor of the murders in the 90's, diedin prison under very strange circumstances. Tymoshenko was not theprosecutor of Donetsk oblast, Viktor Pshonka was. Tymoshenko wasnot the governor of Donetsk oblast - Viktor Yanukovych was," hereminded.

Vlasenko also saidthat Tymoshenko had no motive to kill Shcherban: "Viktor Pshonkasaid that Tymoshenko had a motive. Two groups of people had amotive - Viktor Yanukovich had political motives - in three and ahalf months after Scherban's murder he suddenly became governor ofDonetsk oblast, which would never happen if Scherban was alive. Thesecond group that was interested in it - the guys from Donetskoblast who divided his property after. Not Tymoshenko, not UESU,and not someone else," he added.

PreviouslyProsecutor General Viktor Pshonka announced that the PGO is readyto charge Tymoshenko with ordering the murder of deputy YevhenShcherban. The punishment for this crime may lead to lifeimprisonment.

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