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 11 Children Died from Vaccine of Bohatyriova’s Son and Budget Lost 1.6 Billion

The Prosecutor General's Office has issued an ordinance to audit compliance with the law by Ministry of Health in the procurement of vaccines produced by Pharmstandard-Biolek.

This was stated in a formal response to the parliamentary inquiry of Batkivschyna deputy Andrii Senchenko by Deputy Prosecutor General Vitalii Bilorus, reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

"According to paragraph 3 of Article 21 of the Law "On Prosecutor's Office" Deputy Prosecutor General ordered a compliance review by the Ministry of Health in purchasing vaccines produced by JSC Pharmstandard-Biolek. The audit shall involve specialists of control," said Bolrus in the response.

In his inquiry Senchenko stated that the company of Bogatyriova's son Pharmstandard-Biolek produces deadly vaccine against hepatitis B, and the Ministry of Health buys them under the state program.

"From the moment his mother headed the Ministry business of Alexander Bogatyrev began booming. His Pharmstandard-Biolek soon became one of the main suppliers of drugs to Ukrainian state. During 2012, the Ministry of Health held a tender for a total of 1 billion 653 million hryvnia. Most of them were won by the said company," stated the deputy's inquiry.

The deputy said that according to the State Service for Medicinal Products, "production of the infamous hepatitis B vaccines is conducted by JSC Pharmstandard-Biolek with critical violations of license conditions."

"Today, the drug is banned for use and removed from circulation. However, nobody is in a rush to return the money spent on it out of the budget, and those responsible for the death of 11 Ukrainian children were never punished. After vaccination from Bohatyriova's son 11 children died in Ukraine," said Senchenko.

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