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 Yevheniia Tymoshenko Appealed to Yanukovych: I Only Ask One Thing: Do Not Kill My Mother!

Daughter of former Prime Minister Yevheniia Tymoshenko addressed the President, the Government, the Parliament, the judges, the General Prosecutor's Office, the leaders of the Penitentiary System, doctors and employees of Kachanovskaia colony.

Batkivschyna press service publishes herappeal:

"It will soon be a year and ahalf since my mother - Yulia Tymoshenko - was put behindbars.

For me it is obvious that shewas imprisoned only because she has the honor, the courage to loveUkraine, and does not betray her ideals, does not give in or giveup.

I feel with my heart, howpainful and difficult it is for her today. With every cell Iunderstand the torture and abuse she has beenthrough.

Perhaps she could be softer,more compromising ... But she cannot - she cannot and does not knowhow not to live in half, fight by quarter, love one third. Becausemy mother is genuine.

I am proud of my mom. I am proudof how she is holding up today. Although this realization comes tome through pain, constant anxiety and suffering.

However, for me she is, firstand foremost, not a great politician, not the leader of theopposition, not a political prisoner. For me she is just my mom -the closest and dearest person.

And so, I think I have the fullmoral right as a daughter to appeal to mentioned above with arequest.

Today everything is taken awayfrom her: freedom, health, the right to protection, any kind ofprivacy. Her ward's windows are painted so that to my mom could notsee freedom even through the glass. She lives under round the clockvideo surveillance. Her conversations are tapped and she isfrequently searched ...

My mother cannot walk, becauseof back pains. Every minute, every moment she is experiencing sharpphysical pain, which deprives her of regularsleep.

Meanwhile torture is going onand on. Everything that is happening to her is an experiment ofhuman extermination.

For me it is clear that theywant to kill my mother. They do not want her tolive.

And now it is not even aboutpunishment or payback. I do not focus the attention on the factthat the corrupted themselves accuse the innocent and the killersshift blame to those who do not let them conquer the country. I amtalking about deliberate physical killing of my mother - YuliaTymoshenko.

I appeal to the head doctorMykhailo Afanasiev, doctor Iryna Fursi, and other medicalpersonnel.

I am very grateful that despitethe inhuman pressure by Yanukovych's subordinates you are treatingmy mother in those impossible circumstances. I ask you, despite allthe intimidation, keep in your hearts that for which you work allyour life. I ask you to stay true to what is called the Hippocraticoath, I ask you to continue saving lives and helping the sick. Iurge you to not let them kill my mom.

I appeal to Viktor Yanukovych,Viktor Pshonka, Renat Kuzmin, investigator Hrabik and yoursubordinates, because I think that all of you are fully responsiblefor the illegal detention of my mother without any guilt, fortorturing her by resorting to smear campaigns and other unfairpractices. And most importantly - you are solely responsible forthe life of my mother.

I'm not asking you to be honest,humane or compassionate, because I understand that these qualitiesare presently rare in our country. I do not appeal to your honor,because I know that this is in vain. I do not insist that youfollow certain rules and laws because they do not worknow.

I ask you only one thing: DO NOTKILL MY MOTHER!

I'm not afraid of my emailboxbeing hacked, I've resigned to the fact that I have no right forprivacy. I got used to the struggle for the freedom of my mother,for justice, for the right to peaceful work and private life. Iknow that for most Ukrainian families such inhuman existence is asad reality. We will survive and overcomeeverything.

But now I am concerned about onething: I want my mom to live ..."

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