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 Tymoshenko Will Not Live to Be in Any Court. They are Trying to Destroy Her by Torture, Kuzhel

Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko may not live to be in court.

This was stated by deputy Oleksandra Kuzhel on Inter channel.

"Yulia does not demand any special treatment. She demands the same conditions as other prisoners of Kachanovskaia colony," said Kuzhel.

The deputy also reminded that the opposition plans to file a complaint to the European Court regarding the violation of Tymoshenko's rights.

"It is no longer possible .... She will not live to be in any one court. They are trying to destroy her by torture," said the opposition deputy.

Thus answering to the question of why the reaction to the videos of Tymoshenko is delayed, the deputy noted that the videos are now being posted on the Internet.

"For a woman, this is a terrible torture, when you go to the toilet and you are taped, when you wash in the shower and you are taped ... we have seen it ourselves," said Oleksandra Kuzhel.

Previously it was reported, that the daughter of former Prime Minister Yevheniia Tymoshenko was not allowed into the hospital to her mother: We do not even know whether she is alive.

Early next week, Berlin doctors from Charité clinic may arrive to hospital #5 to oversee the treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Also the hearing of the Kyiv district court of Kharkiv that was to be held on January 18, was postponed due to the absence of Yulia Tymoshenko on February 12.

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