Ukrainian Politics

 Rebellion in Party of Regions: Independents Refuse to Give Up Their Voting Cards

People's Deputy (Party of Regions) Viktor Bondar said that plurality district candidates who ran as independent candidates and joined the faction of the Party of Regions are not giving up voting cards.

Accordingto an UNIAN, he stated on Khmelnitsk TV that "After joining we(plurality candidates) were set a condition: give up our votingcards, to ensure simultaneous vote. They said it is a factiondiscipline. This is where we drew the line: we do not give up ourcards since we ran in districts and made promises to ourconstituents," said Bondar.

As an example Bondar mentioned the vote for thebill on the decriminalization of articles of the Criminal andCriminal Procedure Codes which sentenced Yulia Tymoshenko and YuriiLutsenko, when eight plurality deputies of the Party of Regionsfaction voted aye.

As reported, on January 11 this year theVerkhovna Rada of Ukraine did not support the first reading of thedraft law "On amendments to the Criminal Code and the CriminalProcedure Code of Ukraine in order to conform with theinternational legal obligations of Ukraine." According to the dataof the Rada website only 161 voted for this decision (with 226required) out of 389 deputies registered in the session hall.

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