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 New Details in a Detective Story Surrounding Korolevska’s Diploma. DOCUMENT

Deputy Hennadii Moskal reveals new details about the strange story regarding the diplomas of Minister of Social Policy Natalia Korolevska.

"A detective story about Korolevska's education acquiresnew details and documents," wrote the deputy on his Facebookpage.

"Dal EastUkrainian National University stated that Korolevska studied therefrom 1993 to 1997. However, I have obtained documents that showthat at that time she was a student at the Donbas Mining andMetallurgical Institute (later renamed the Higher School ofBusiness - Institute of Economics and Management). Yes, she studiedthere from 1992 to 1995, but was expelled on October 20, 1995, nothaving started the course. In two years, on October 22, 1997 shewas restored and a year and a half later on December 4, 1997expelled for not paying for tuition. This is evidenced by referencecard from Donbas Mining and Metallurgical Institute," wroteMoskal.

"Has any of youheard of these strange cases of studying - be a student of oneestablishment and try to get into the other, drop out of the firstone in two years and two years later get reinstated again? By theway, the education (with multiple expulsions) in Donbas Mining andMetallurgical Institute is not mentioned in Korolevska's biographyfor some reason. Is it because of these strange circumstances thatshe needed to "lose" her diploma from Dal East Ukrainian NationalUniversity? Mrs. Minister is obviously muddying up the watersregarding her education, but we will clear it up," promised thedeputy.

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