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 Cabinet Will Tighten Traffic Rules – Headlights During the Day and Reflective Vests at Night

Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Cabinet of Ministers have agreed a draft decree to amend the traffic rules.

The fact that the Ukrainians are up for another tightening of the rules was announced by Mikhailo Brodskii on his Facebook page.

He outlined the main points which will be affected by the changes.

- During the period from October 1 to May 1 vehicles traveling outside city limit in the daytime have to do so with turned on headlights (daytime running lights). Also the rules of passing a vehicle with Children identification mark have been tightened. If such vehicle stopped for disembarking/embarking children and signals about it with flashing emergency lights, there is a mandatory reduction of speed by drivers in adjacent lane (to reduce the chance of hitting a child).

- It is prohibited to operate a vehicle if it has tires not suitable for the current season.

- In the dark and in poor visibility conditions drivers and pedestrians on the highway must have reflective elements on the clothing (vests for drivers).
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