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 Batkivschyna Women Joined Tymoshenko's Disobedience Act and will Stay with Her

"It is the ninth day of civil disobedience campaign declared by opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. We, the women of Batkivschyna, with anxiety and pain, watch what is happening in the Kharkiv hospital. Fat officials taking advantage of their freedom to do whatever they want and the blessing "from above", all together mock the woman, politician, and citizen - Yulia Tymoshenko."

Batkivschyna women statement provided by the press serviceof the party notes that "the act declared by her is not a demand toimprove the living conditions or to achieve an easy life. It is acry of all those convicted Ukrainian citizens. Cry regarding therudeness of the police, prosecution bias, corruption of courts,audacity of jailers. This is a cry about the fact that in thisauthoritarian country built by Yanukovych, civil rights are just aline in the Constitution and protection of dignity and privacy areempty words. Finally, it is a cry about the fact that in ourcountry no woman is able to protect herself from tyranny - hideous,vile tyranny of officials who have forgotten about God, morality,honor ... None of the legal demands announced by our leader hasbeen satisfied in these 9 days.

Tell us, MrYanukovych, when you place a 24-hour convoy to the bed of YuliaTymoshenko, when you hang a camera in her shower, and assign men toguard a woman - do you get some pleasure from it? Maybe your familyalso joins you in this peculiar entertainment? Then we are trulysorry that your morals remained at the level characteristic toYenakiievo lowlifes."

Today, havingvisited the hospital in Kharkiv and finally talked to YuliaTymoshenko, we saw firsthand the meanness and cynicism of pseudolaw enforcement system that actually protects the gang of criminalsin power and not the rights of people. So after all we have seenand heard we declare joining the civil disobedience declared by theopposition leader. This means that from now on we will constantly,around the clock will be together with Yulia Tymoshenko inUkrzaliznytsia hospital premises until the demands are met, and weare not afraid of the your cameras or your dirty methods. Evil mustbe punished, and unjustly condemned shall be free. No to politicalrepressions! Freedom to Yulia! Freedom toUkraine!

On behalf ofBatkivschyna women,





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