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 Price of European Integration for Yanukovych – Switching Places with Tymoshenko, Says Russia

Former State Duma deputy, specializing in Ukraine, and currently a member of the Public Chamber, Sergey Markov thinks that Ukraine pays more and more every month for refraining from both the EU and the Customs Union.

He said this in a comment to Glavnoe.

Markov is not hiding the fact that by joining the Customs Union, Ukraine will have to pay by a part of its sovereignty.

"There can be no illusions here. Yanukovych and Kozhara as his minister, follow this logic - if they truly integrate with Russia, they will lose control of Ukraine, and integration with the EU will never happen then they will retain that control. For any real European integration can only happen if Tymoshenko is released and is given an opportunity to win the elections - and that means losing power and taking her place. That's the price of European integration for Yanukovych. Russia also does not want the freedom of a woman who was trying to get students to speak Ukrainian at recess," said the political scientist.

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