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 Medvedev: Ukraine Cannot Join the Customs Union Partially

Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev said that joining the Union is possible only with signing of all documents, but not just a part of them.

Speaking in Moscow at the Gaidar Forum, the Prime Minister noted that the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space are open to other countries.

"These are open projects, especially for CIS countries," quotes BELTA Medvedev's words. "However, our partners must not only share the principles of the Customs Union, but also to be ready to implement them. When joining the Customs Union you need to sign all documents and not just part of them."

The Russian Prime Minister has called the good economic growth rates of the CU countries quite good. He also noted that due to the conditions created by the CU the business has the right to choose in which country participant to operate in. "Now the government regulatory systems are competing," said Medvedev.

The Ukrainian authorities support the idea of cooperation with CU in 3 +1 format. This implies a partial integration of Ukraine into the Union but without a full membership. Consent to such membership in the CU will lead to the failure of negotiations on association with the European Union.

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