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 Opposition Wants Azarov to Explain Who is Cutting Back Trains and Railroad Workers

Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Expression and Information Mykola Tomenko was addressed by Ukrzaliznytsya workers concerned by reports that there are preparations for the next wave of train cutbacks and respectively layoffs of Ukrzaliznytsya employees - conductors, trainmasters, drivers, etc.

In connection with this Batkivschyna faction member MykolaTomenko demanded the government to inform whether reductions oftrains and number of employees are a part of the state governmentprogram or an initiative of Ukrzaliznytsya or itsdivisions.

The press servicecites the deputy stating that "Today, given the socio-economicsituation in Ukraine, railway transport is practically the onlyavailable means of communication for people over long distances,since the plane fairs are unreasonably expensive compared to othercountries. Moreover, domestic aviation is experiencing a seriouscrisis today," said the deputy. "But if in the future this conceptof cutbacks will continue to be implemented by Ukrzaliznytsia witha view to its further privatization, which is mentioned informally,then, the countryside and rural areas should renew horse carriagefor an ordinary citizen to survive," suggested thedeputy.

Therefore, MykolaTomenko appeals to the government to inform the public about thefurther development of the Ukrzaliznytsia development concept andconfirm or refute the information about the next train andemployees reduction by the company.

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