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 Shark in Ocean Plaza Shopping Center Died, Bloggers Report. PHOTO

Social networks actively discuss a possible death of the shark in the Kyiv shopping center Ocean Plaza - after reports that the animal sank to the bottom of the tank and is not moving. The management of Ocean Plaza does not confirm the death of the shark.

On January 15 shark named John located in the shopping center Ocean Plaza in Kyiv sank to the bottom of the aquarium and is motionless. The health condition of the animal has been actively discussed in the media because of the bloody scratches on its body that the shark could have received due to poor conditions in the aquarium which is too small for it, reports Censor.NET.

Following reports that the shark is motionless at the bottom of the aquarium, bloggers and social network users are already discussing the death of the animal.

A shark has to constantly move: motion creates intense circulation of water that bathes the gills providing oxygen to the animal. Motionless shark can not survive more than an hour.

Earlier, the management of the shopping center said the shark shown to the visitors was injured during transportation.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p230007