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 Ukrainian Female Prosecutors - See What They Look Like. PHOTO & VIDEO 18+

Prosecutors in our country can be different.

A testament to the fact is the biography of a 24-year-old Kharkiv's Olena Nelson reports Ragulі.

The blonde has three higher educations and the rank of lieutenant, notes the Goddess of Shopping TV show.

"In addition, Aliona has her own show on Kharkiv television, participates in beauty contests and worked as a prosecutor! But her wardrobe does not look fit for that job - mini skirt and huge cleavage," writes Goddess of Shopping on Facebook.

Information on whether Aliona works as a prosecutor could not be confirmed, however, she does like guns.

However, according to Aliona's biography published on Facebok, in 2010 she graduated from the National Law Academy of Ukraine (major - Attorney Investigator), qualified as a lawyer (Master's), officer of tactical military officer level. She currently continues her studies in post graduate school.

In 2011, Aliona graduated from the correspondence department of Kharkiv National University majoring in journalism.


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