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 Tymoshenko Once Again Demonstrated that Prison Cannot Break Her, Concludes Political Expert

Political scientist and director of the Situation Modeling Agency Vitalii Bala believes that if we talk about civil disobedience declared by Yulia Tymoshenko, one can only admire the courage and fortitude demonstrated by the leader of the Ukrainian opposition.

Censor.NET reports that in his opinion, it should be understoodthat any inappropriate actions toward Tymoshenko will result inresistance.

"The act of disobedience on the part of Tymoshenko is the only waythat allows her to stand up for her dignity, honor, and show thatno matter where the person is he shall have his own principles,views, and they need to be defended in any situation," said theanalyst.

In his turn, political scientist and director of the InternationalInstitute for Democracy Serhii Taran said that from the point ofview of the current status of a political prisoner, this is one ofthe few options to remain a public politician for YuliaTymoshenko.

"The politician in parliament can write laws, the official cancarry out reforms, but if a politician is in prison, he resorts tothe methods that Tymoshenko did," said the analyst.

According to Taran, it is important to understand that the actionof civil disobedience by Tymoshenko is designed not only for theUkrainian but also for international audience. Taran said that forthe Ukrainian audience Tymoshenko's actions give a positive signalthat the leader of the opposition cannot be broken even inprison.

At the same time, Taran expressed concern regarding the fact thatthis protest may affect Ukraine's signing the association agreementwith the European Union. "Ukraine needs to sign the associationagreement, and I think that this is a case where the oppositionmust sign this agreement at any cost, and then talk about thepractical implementation of the guarantees and rights of theopposition in Ukraine," said the analyst.

At the same time, Vladimir Fesenko, director of the Penta Center ofPolitical Analysis stressed that "actually Yulia Tymoshenkotransferred the problem from procedural field which is dealt by thePenitentiary System into political one."

"Tymoshenko's action were supported by opposition deputies who arenow in Kharkov meeting with the management of Kachanovskaia colony.This is a great political resonance. This is the first majorconsequence of civil disobedience by Tymoshenko," saidFesenko.

"Second, the is European Union shows active interest in the matterand a decision of the European Court in the case of YuliaTymoshenko is imminent. I do not rule out that it is also anattempt to bring the issue to the international level," said theanalyst.

"Strong critical statements of the West are possible on thesubject, which is also a very important consequence of civildisobedience declared by Yulia Tymoshenko," concludedFesenko.

Oleksii Haran, a political scientist, Director of the Center forNational Security Studies and the School of Political Analysis atNaUKMA believes that Yanukovych regime is in a complicatedsituation because after the elections the government planned tounblock the relationship with the European Union and say "Look.Everything's fine." But, alas, the government could not hide anyadministrative pressure or fraud, and they managed to furtherdamage relations with the EU.

"The problem of Yulia Tymoshenko is the tip of the iceberg of thepower and corruption pyramid that is being built by Yanukovych(concentration of everything in the hands of the Family, placementof his own dedicated staff in the security agencies of thecountry.) Therefore this act of civil disobedience by Tymoshenkowhich she declared, once again attracts the international communityto the negative trends taking place in the country," said theanalyst.

Haran also noted that the regime realizes it and is trying todiscredit opponents and political prisoners, who attract theattention of the West to the processes taking place in Ukraine.

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