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 Railway Workers Going on Strike: Traffic Will Stop like Hyundai on a Winter Night

Railway workers on will hold a rally in Kyiv in support of the labor, social and economic rights on January 16.

This is stated in the press release of the Free Railway Trade Union of Ukraine.

In addition, the railroad workers will protest against the violations by the Cabinet and Ukrzaliznytsia administration officials of the sectoral agreements and sectoral legislation in the field of railway transport.

The meeting will last from 10:00 to 13:00 in front of the Cabinet of Ministers building.

"Ukrzaliznytsya employees and independent trade unions will demand to punish all those responsible for the disorder and lawlessness that prevails in Ukrzaliznytsia," says the statement.

"Violation of the basic rules and laws governing railway transport, failure to develop the rail industry and production of new trains, indifference to the problems of industry professionals - these errors of the officials often drives us, railwaymen, in a deadlock of problems that we are not able to solve," note the railroad workers.

In addition, the railroad employees said that in case of not complying with their demands, they will hold all-Ukrainian railroad strike "Work by Instructions" from 07:00 to 09:00 on that day. Railway workers are convinced that the railroad traffic will stop like a Hyundai on a winter night.

In September 2012 about 60 representatives of six Ukrainian railroads picketed the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to stop clandestine privatization of Ukrzaliznytsia.

In January the protests with political demands were announced by Luhansk miners.

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