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 For Multibillion Hryvnia Scam Kaskiv Received ... Reprimand, and Claims that he Saved Ukraine

Head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects Vladyslav Kaskiv was reprimanded for the scandal surrounding the agreement for the construction of LNG terminal.

As the press service of the ministry informs, 14 January, the decision was made on the basis of official government inquiry into the agreement on LNG-terminal, Censor.NET reports.

"The government's decision will allow for successful completion of the LNG terminal National Project. My reprimand id the price at which all Ukrainians learned that this project is the salvation of Ukraine in its fight for independence. Now the project has huge popularity and public support. I would long not be able to achieve this through a promotion campaign. I would like to inform the public that we conducted an internal investigation of the team that is directly responsible for the project. As a result of the investigation disciplinary and personnel decisions will be made," said Kaskiv.

"Right now I'm expecting for a new wave of defamation with paid messages and provocations," he added.

Kaskiv spoke optimistically on the future of the LNG terminal Project: "We are past the point of no return. And the President took away NY intrigue when he said that the project will be implemented under any circumstances. The main events regarding the project will take place in the next three weeks. Currently we are processing more than 12 agreements on the implementation of the project", he said.

The State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine on November 26, 2012 signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Gas Natural Fenosa for the construction of LNG-terminal in Odessa oblast.

On the Spanish side the document was signed by Jordi Sard Bonvehi (as it later turned out - a ski instructor) who has also appeared as a representative of Enegas (Spain) reportedly interested in investing in Ukrainian LNG-terminal.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229902