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 Chinese Hui is Yanukovych's Business Partner - Whose Name is the Family Business Registered in? PHOTOS

Yanukovych's eldest son Oleksandr who will soon become a boogeyman for scaring children decided to radically improve his image.

To do this, hefounded a charitable foundation that is well named OleksandrYanukovych, writes journalist Serhii Leshchenko on the UkrainianPravda.

According to thestatement of "the Unified Register of public organizations",director of the Fund is Tetiana Galenko, head of MAKO corporationowned by Yanukovych.

And more recently,Oleksandr Yanukovych decided to promote his charity to the massesand launched a Web site of the fund.

OleksandrYanukovych fund is located on the www.ayanukovich-fund.orgdomain.

I wondered whomdoes the domain of Yanukovych's elder son belongs to and revealedsome strange facts.

The domainayanukovich-fund.org is rather new - it was created on 7 November,2012. And the most interesting is that the domain was registered inHong Kong for some reason - in the name of the Absolutee Corp.Ltd.

In Hong Kong,unlike in Ukraine, you can find information about the founders ofthe company directly on the Internet.

I went to thegovernment site search Center of the Integrated Companies Registryof Hong Kong and launched a search for the nameAbsolutee.

The registry foundAbsolutee Co., Limited

Obviously, this is the same company which has registered the domainof Yanukovych's son - there are no others with the word Absoluteein the title in Hong Kong registry.

Next, without leaving the computer, I got the registrationdocuments on the Absolutee Co., Limited company. Rate - 29 HKdollars for the file (less than 4 USD).

The ded AbsoluteeCo., Limited company was founded by Mr. Shao Hui Gong (Gong ShaoHui) from the city of Xiamen (Xiamen) in mainlandChina.

At the same timeAbsolutee Corp. Ltd in the registration data of Yanukovych's domainstated address and phone number in Hong Kong:



Google searchfinds hundreds of companies that are registered at this address andphone. At the same time, the phone number does notanswer.

But the fun is notover: according to the Hong Kong register, it appears that thecompany Absolutee Co., Limited was liquidated (!) back in March of2009. It was struck from the register of companies in Hong Kong.And now, suddenly a company that does not exist is involved in thefounding documents of Yanukovych's son domainname.

It's amystery to me - if the company according to the official registryof Hong Kong had been terminated nearly four years ago, then howcan it came to life in November, 2012 and register a domain forYanukovych's son? Any ideas?

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