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 Candidates for High Office May be Checked for Proficiency in Ukrainian. Kolesnichenko Says This is Idiocy

The Verkhovna Rada registered a bill on amendments to the law "On State Language Policy".

As reported by Kommersant-Ukraine it suggests tightening the requirements for applicants for the public service in terms of their knowledge of the Ukrainian language. The document's authors, Pavlo Baloha (Party of Regions), Viktor Baloha and Vasyl Petevka (independents) propose to develop tests for the candidates.

As Petevka explained, the changes are proposed due to the absence of clear legislation on this point: "Now different laws contain a rule on the need to know the Ukrainian language, but it is declarative. And, for example, the Law "On Prosecutor's Office" does not have such requirement."

Viktor Baloha holds even more radical views - on his social network page he said that the Prime Minister and other top officials should always speak in the state language.

However, the authors of the document did not name any specific criteria for assessing language skills. "We offer only the concept, but the tests themselves or the order of examinations for officials should be developed by the Ministry of Education. The main thing that people unable to say two words in Ukrainian, like Prime Minister Azarov do not hold a public office," said Petevka.

One of the authors of the law "On State Language Policy" Vadym Kolesnichenko took the initiative very negative. "You have to be an idiot to offer something like this. The first step is to assess the professionalism of people, their ability to manage the economy and benefit the state, and not the language they speak. We do not have a lot of expert managers to apply the criterion of language proficiency, and in practice it will be impossible to implement it because it is unclear who will check the knowledge of the language, and how long much time and money will be spent on this," said Kolesnichenko .

At the same time the president of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Serhii Kvit is convinced that the technical side of testing does not require much time or financial cost. "In fact, it may be a simple test that high school or university students take, so this is no big deal. It is clear that the official must not only understand the language but be able to use it professionally. Determining the extent of the language skills is not difficult," said Kvit.

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