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 New Head of National Bank, Millionaire Sorkin Received 75,000 in Financial Aid

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Ihor Sorkin received 2,218,820 hryvnia income in 2012.

This is stated in his tax declaration.

According to the declaration, the wages and other payouts and awards under a labor or civil contract constituted 1.5 million hryvnia.

In addition, Sorkin received dividends and interest in the amount of 589,300 hryvnia, financial aid - 74.6 thousand hryvnia, gifts, prizes, winnings - 3,1 thousand hryvnia, and other income of 12.2 thousand hryvnia.

The income of Ihor Sorkin's family constituted 609.4 thousand hryvnia, of which salary is 549.3 thousand hryvnia.

The declaration states that Sorkin owns a 92 square meter apartment and a garage of 30 square meters, In addition, he owns a 2006 Mazda-6 with an 2.3 liter engine.

Sorkin's bank account contains 7.4 million hryvnia, including 1.4 million hryvnia deposited in 2012.

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