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 Akhmetov Sacked Miners from Independent Trade Union, Who Seized the Directorate of his Mine

The city authorities, mine management, territorial committee of the miners trade union are trying to distort what is happening and make our cause look like pathetic hooligan antics.

Thechairman of the Independent Trade Union of Sverdlovsk KostiantynIlchenko wrote on his blog about the state of affairs regarding theconfrontation between the Independent Miners Trade Union (IMTU) ofthe Red Partisan mine and the DTEK LLC company.

"On the one hand, we were able to get DTEK tothe negotiations table and involve the oblast state administrationin the process. On the other hand, the city government, themanagement of the mine, the territorial branch of miners tradeunion are trying to distort what is happening and make our causelook like pathetic hooligan antics," writesIlchenko.

"The director of the mine K.Tiumikov yesterdaymorning gathered loyal middle managers and they all unanimouslyvoted to sack miners, members of the IMTU immediately (like it's1937) and as a result starting today in violation of the Labor CodeUkraine they are not allowed to perform their duties," heexplains.

"The actions of the director of the Red Partisanmine only exacerbate the situation and turn it to the away frombeing constructive, and towards the escalation of tension," saysthe Union leader.

"The mayor A.Shmalts never met with us, andmoreover, all his public statements are defamatory and not in theleast way help to resolve the conflict peacefully, but insteadprovoke tension of emotions," added Ilchenko.

"This morning using the hot line, I informedDTEK about the illegal removal of IMTU members from work and saidthat if in the near future people are not be allowed to work, thenwe will be forced to appeal to the leaders of civil societyorganizations, trade unions and all citizens of Ukraine with a callto come to the city of Sverdlovsk, in order to jointly oust thecriminals from Ukraine," concluded the unionleader.

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