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 Tymoshenko Has Not Slept in Two Days. Return to the Ward is out of the Question, Lawyer

Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, who declared the action of civil disobedience, still refuses to go back into the room and spends nights in the hall, said the lawyer of the former Prime Minister, Oleksandr Plakhotniuk.

According to Interfax he stated: "she is in the hallway, still does not go to into the ward. This is out of the question," said Oleksandr Plakhotniuk after a meeting with the leader of the opposition in the Central Clinical Hospital of Ukrzaliznytsia # 5 (Kharkiv), where she is undergoing treatment.

According to her lawyer, Yulia Tymoshenko walks using strollers and does not use the couch that the prison staff set in the shower room. "The prison service set this iron couch in the bathroom. It is near the toilet and sink. If they think that it is normal to sleep in such conditions and on such a couch - let them try to do it. So, to say that she got enough sleep, or a full rest would be lying. She has not had a sleep in two days, and then dozed off for a while once, but it's in close to combat conditions, so to speak," said Oleksandr Plakhotniuk.

Head of Kachanovskaia colony Ihor Kolpashchikov confirmed that Tymoshenko did not return to the ward but refused to answer the question of where and how she spent the night. "There is a lot of space there," said Ihor Kolpashchikov.

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