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 Klymenko and the Family Strengthen Control Over Communists in Customs

Minister of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine Oleksandr Klymenko will create focal points to monitor the Communist representatives in the Customs.

According to Censor.NET's source in the Ministry of Revenue and Duties yesterday head of the Ministry Oleksandr Klymenko held a conference call attended by the heads of the central apparatus of the new ministry and regional leaders. Klymenko stated that the Tax and Customs services at the regional level will continue to work separately and maintain their status as separate legal entities. However, for the purposes of control over their work special focal points will be created. Final concept will be presented until March.

"The purpose of this decision is clear: Klymenko (who represents the interests of the Family) wants to control the communists who were forced to give back control over Customs," said the source of Censor.NET.
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