Akhmetov’s Thugs Twice Stormed the Directorate of Mine with Striking Miners

The confrontation between the guards of DTEK LLC Sverdlovantratsit and representatives of the Independent Miners Union , who on January 10 seized the Red Partisans mine office of Director is continuing.

On the night of January 11 the guards tried twice to force miners to release the office, reports NBN.

"Confrontation has reached its limit, the guards of DTEK LLC Sverdlovantratsit blocked four protesters in the Director's office, and others in the hall of administrative building on the street," stated the chairman of the Independent Miners Union Committee, Kostiantyn Ilchenko.

According to him, the police patrol called by the miners arrived but took the side of the guards not interfering in the conflict.

It is also reported that the management of DTEK LLC Sverdlovantratsit engaged paramilitary rescue personnel in the conflict.

"There are physical attacks on members of the union. They are trying by force, to expel us from the office, they turned off the lights, tore down the poster Akhmetov, We Are Waiting For You, behave boorishly, some paramilitary rescue personnel cars came," added Ilchenko.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229584