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 Opposition Dictates its Own Terms in Parliament: Only Personal Voting

Opposition calls for the Speaker to ensure personal voting in Rada.

Censor.NETreports that Oleh Tyahnybok said that according to the picturespublished on the Internet, the Regions Samoilenko controlsVolodymyr Oliinyk voting for Berezhnaia.

"We kindly ask you to resolve the issue ofimpostors, scoundrels and violators of the Constitution, who,contrary to what we always ask for, continue to vote for theirfellow faction members," said Tyahnybok to theSpeaker.

Yatsenyuk also addressed Rybak: "You may notknow this but yesterday the European Court ruled that buttonpushing in Ukrainian parliament is a violation of internationallaw. Just now Nakonechnyy, Kliuiev and Tsarev took part in voting.I do not know which of these three is alive, as a deputy andpressed his button. We appeal to you. If you want to make theparliament work, then you need to insure personal voting as theConstitution requires. Otherwise, the parliament will beblocked."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229540