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 Hyundai Train Burns Down Station. PHOTOS

This was reported by deputy Volodymyr Aryev who is citing Facebook user Vadym Bespalov.

According tohim "It turns out, the legendary Hyundai trainburned down the whole station and a train control center on theso-called doomsday. Information was covered up by the authorities,and only now we are learning the details."

So here's what was published in the press: "in the evening ofDecember 21 50 minutes away from Kyiv high speed Hyundai trainheading to Lviv broke down. It had been standing at Klavdiievostation for about 2 hours. According to unconfirmed reports, thecause of the emergency - collector failure and as a consequence, awire break. As a result of the accident four commuter trains stuckhalfway, and that is thousands of passengers. Also interregionaltrains had been blocked for some time, however, they were allowedto pass quickly - right after repairing the line."

But what remained a secret to this day is: when Hyundai wasriding through Klavdiievo station a contact wire was ripped off. Itgot stuck on the column which was set over the cable lines. As aresult, the current went through a bar to the cable ladder, wherethere were people .... As a result, a fire broke out whichdestroyed equipment totaling nearly one million hryvnia.Technically speaking it is called: "short circuit, high voltage 27kV in SCB devices cables, followed by ignition of equipment in thepost in a relay interlocking." People miraculously escapedunharmed.

Local authorities managed to hide a fire of this magnitude fromthe media . The station was temporarily turned into a regularblock. But! Given that the so-called "train control center" burneddown we get a huge section of the railway left without controlspecialists. The passengers in passing trains were not even awarethat they had been in grave danger. On duty employee around theclock had to push the button manually to give the green light forpassing train. I wonder what disaster might have happened if theperson on duty fell asleep?

In one of thephotos you can see a whole bunch of red wires from the remote thatmiraculously survived, which controls the operation of trafficlights. Local craftsmen stretched wires to the relay, but thecrossing signals did not work. More striking is the fact that themanagement of the railway made ​local workers repair the expensiveequipment with their hands and gave them 3 weeks. This term willexpire on January 12. The missing parts were even ordered at thelocal plant at their own expense.

The fact that that after investing hundreds of millions ofdollars in "high speed travel", the authorities did not care aboutthe fact that the filling of such control centers as in Klavdiievowill be performed by artisanal methods, not even mentioningcertification ....

The authorities intimidate workers with dismissal and demandconducting the impossible - to reconstruct the million dollarequipment with their hands. Photo with red wire is the best measureof the state of Ukrainian railway in the 21st century.

And yet, I wonder, to what other "man-made disasters" will thewretched Hyundais lead? I mean the tragedy at Klavdiievo stationcould be avoided. Chiefs of high-speed rail long before theincident knew that the pushing pressure of the Korean Hyundai'spantograph on the Ukrainian contact wire is too immense. But theydid nothing. Who will answer for that? And what other tragediesshould we expect from the Korean miracle?

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n229470